The High Traverse accesses Greeley Bowl and Greeley Hill, High Rustler, Eagles Nest and other steep terrain.  Greeley Bowl and Greeley Hill have the same geologic profile as most of the Back Side (see Back Side Description).  Along the way The High Traverse leads to Race Course, Sunspot, West Rustler, Stonecrusher and others.  Each of these runs experiences the east profile of the Collins Gulch U-shaped valley, beginning below the Ophir Shale.  Like all of these runs at Alta the farther down you go, the easier they get.  The High Traverse is not a specific topographic feature, but represents the highest line that can be skied from the top of the Collins lift to the pass leading into Greeley Bowl.  It lies just below the vertical cliffs of the Ophir Shale.

The High Traverse.

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