Fireside Chats

Ski History

  • Ski Sport – Snapshots From the Past, Alan K. Engen   Download flyer
  • Skiing in Utah, A History, Alexis Kelner  Download flyer
  • The Story of Modern Skiing, John Fry   Download flyer
  • Influence of the Wasatch Mountain Club on Early Utah Skiing, Alexis Kelner   Download flyer
  • The History of Freestyle Skiing, Alan Shoenberger   Download flyer
  • Retrospective on Freestyle Skiing, Alan Shoenberger  Download flyer
  • Ski Racing in the 1940s and ’50s and the Early Days of Skiing in Alta, Bill and Suzy Rytting  Download flyer
  • The Alta Experience, Joe Prokop Download flyer
  • History of Backcountry Huts in the Wasatch, Alexis Kelner   Download flyer
  • An Alta Story, Connie Marshall  Download flyer
  • The Ladies of the Wasatch: Tales From the Early Days of Skiing Alta, Elfriede Shane and Suzy Harris Rytting   Download flyer
  • DaleBoot USA – An Enterpreneur’s Story of Racing and Pioneering Ski Technology, Mel Dalebout Download flyer
  • Alta, 70 Years a Skiing Mecca, Alan Engen  Download flyer
  • History of Skiing in the Wasatch – Celebrating Alta’s 70th Anniversary, Alexis Kelner   Download flyer
  • Alf Engen Ski School Celebrates 60 Years at Alta, Alf Engen Ski School  Download Flyer

Alta Personalities

  • Ode to Alf Engen, An American Skiing Legend, Nic Nichol   Download flyer
  • Tall Tales from the Ex-Mayor of Alta, Bill Levitt   Download flyer
  • My Life in Alta, Bill Levitt


  • History of Avalanche Dogs at Alta, Alta Ski Patrol   Download flyer
  • Avalanche Forecasting and the Control Program at Alta Ski Area, Dan Howlett   Download flyer
  • UDOT’s Highway Avalanche Control, Liam Fitzgerald   Download flyer
  • History of Avalanche Research in Utah, Alexis Kelner   Download flyer
  • Backcountry Skiing in the Wasatch, Andrew McLean  Download flyer


  • Geology of Alta and Little Cottonwood Canyon for Skiers and the Outdoor Enthusiast, Brian Jones