A northeast-trending structure cuts through the Ophir Shale allowing a narrow entry way to one of the finest snow traps on the mountain.  As you ski down Gunsight you ski down one of the fractures that hosted silver mineralization in the Little Cottonwood mining district.  This fracture cuts through the Albion Basin U-shaped valley and with each turn the run gets easier until it flattens out on a broad fen above the willows.  The depression caused by this fracture leaves a prominent ridge on the south side of the run, which shelters it from sunshine.

At the base of Gunsight if you continue straight down the hill on the north side of Susie’s Trees you’ll ski down a narrow post-glacial gulley carved by a creek.  If you stay to the left on Greeley Hill you’ll enjoy a smooth glacier polished slope.  Before you start down from the top of Gunsight, take a moment and look over at the Main Chute on Mount Baldy and see how the two runs line up.


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