The cliffs of Devils Castle are made up of limestones.  These limestones are severely fractured and if you look carefully you’ll see that there are outcrops along the face of the Castle that appear to be hanging on precariously.  Several thousand years ago the face of Devil’s Caste fell off in an enormous, catastrophic, debris slide.  Huge boulders from this event can be traced through the woods.   You can see these boulders all the way down the Cecret chair and as far as Alf’s.  They make popular jumps, particularly at the base of the apron.  The rock debris collecting on the apron today is a slower continuation of this process, fueled by the freezing and thawing of water in the fractured limestones.  

The near vertical faces of Devil’s Castle and Sugarloaf Peak provide shade throughout most of the winter to an enormous area of moderately difficult ski terrain and like Ballroom, the area maintains excellent snow quality throughout.

Devil’s Castl

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