Overlying the Ophir Shale are a series of limestones spanning an enormous period of geologic time. These rocks are major cliff formers at Alta, forming Devils Castle, Supreme Bowl, much of Catherines Area, Westward Ho, Collins Face, High Rustler, Eagles Nest and Hellgate Cliffs. These limestones were formed in shallow, crystal clear water in the tropics, a good image to keep in mind on a windy winter day on the Sugarloaf chair.

Limestones form the cliff face of Devils Castle in this photo taken from Albion basin, looking southwest. The limestones dip eastward at about 20 degrees. They are underlain by the dark brown Ophir Shale, which is difficult to see because of talus cover, and the rounded light red-brown outcrops of the Tintic Quartzite.

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