Today millions of tons of high grade lead-silver ore probably lies hidden beneath the surface at Alta. Many of the largest ore bodies at Alta were cut-off by high angle faults, and the faulted-off portions of these deposits were never found. Somewhere in the archives of old mining companies are clues to where these deposits might be found. But don’t be too concerned about mining threatening the environment of Little Cottonwood Canyon. Alta is not destined to returned to its mining routes. Federal and State land use regulations insure that skiing, hiking and fishing are the preferred land uses for Little Cottonwood Canyon.

The mine portals, main offices and mine dumps of the South Hecla Mine, circa 1940 were located between the Collins and Wildcat Chair lifts. Skiers familiar with Alta will recognize, from left to right, Ninas Curve, Shuss Gulley, Collins Face, Bear Paw and Rock Gulley. Although the mine dumps have been rounded over the years they are still easily recognized from either chair.

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