Between 1867 and 1940 the Big and Little Cottonwood mining districts produced:

17,000,000 ounces of silver: $16,000,000
30,000 ounces of gold: $650,000
238,000,000 lbs of lead: $14,000,000
16,000,000 lbs of copper: $3,000,000
1,800,000 lbs of zinc: $120,000
Total: $33,770,000-1940 dollars

Thats pretty small potatoes when compared with the Mother Lode of California or the Comstock Lode of Nevada; nevertheless, Alta had its impact.

Early mining of the lead-silver fissures was done from the surface, leaving deep narrow trenches in the outcrops such as this one on Honeycomb Cliffs. Soon the miners went underground.

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