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  • Alta Historical Society is starting the 2016/2017 ski season with our Firside Side Chat program, regular presetations througout the season about Alta and the Wasatch Mountains.   This weeks presentation is a film "Ski Sport-Snapshots From The Past" scripted and narrated by Alan Engen Chairman Emeritus fo the Alf Engen Ski Museum Foundation and the Alta Historical Society at 5:00pm on Tuesday Feb 17th at the Alta Lodge, Alta.  Come join us. 

    “Ski Sport - Snapshots From The Past” is a wonderful overview of ski history, partially focused on skiing in the Wasatch Mountains. From the earliest known skiing efforts back in the Scandinavian countries, to the early development years of the 1940’s and 1950’s, see rare, seldom seen footage of ski legends performing feats which are considered part of American ski folklore and history.  Alan co-produced the film together with his wife Barbara Engen. 

  • Our Fireside Chat progam this ski season was a great success and featured some of a collection of vintage Alta films from the generous donation which was provided by our Chairman Emeritus, Alan Engen.   Click here to see what talks we have had in the past.
  • Alta Powder News 75th Anniversary Edition is available, click here to view.
  • Our new "Search" function allows website visitors to locate information from Alta Powder News articles by subject.  To begin a search, go to Database Search.
  • Explore our new Geology of Alta web page including an in depth description of Alta's geological history and how it relates to our outdoor experience.

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Welcome to the Alta Historical Society

Listen to Alan Engen on Radio West with Doug Fabrizio talking about the rich history of Alta featured in the new film The Alta Experience

The goal of the Alta Historical Society (AHS) is to preserve Alta’s rich history, from the mining era of the mid-1800s to the development of Alta as one of the world’s finest skiing destinations. (Mission Statement) Through our web site, we highlight past events, stories about notable characters, photographs, and a map of historical sites in Alta.

The Alta Historical Society, Friends of Alta and ACE hosted the Alta Gala 2016, a fund raiser for Alta’s three non-profit organizations at La Caille last April.  Thanks to all the supporters and everyone who attended it was a great success again.  Each year the Alta Gala selects an individual, or individuals, to give the Stellar Award in recognition for their contributions to Alta's environment, culture and history.  This year we honored Dr. Kenneth Libre, founder and head of the Alta Clinic,  and citizen of Alta for his many contributions to our community.

We hope you find our website informative and entertaining. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments by visiting our Contact AHS page

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