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When did the Alta ski area open for the first time? -

What was the name of the first shelter in Alta? -

 Did you know that a mine in Alta became so famous for its rich silver deposits that when the silver vein ran out Britain and the U.S. almost went to war? Do you know what the name of that mine was? -

How did the land become available in order to establish a ski area in Alta? -

Do you know how many residents Alta has? -

How many people lived in Alta during its mining heyday in the 1870s? -

How much did a chairlift ride cost in 1939? -

Did you know that by the late 1800s Alta was virtually treeless? All available trees had been used for building buildings and as supports inside mines.

In the 1930s efforts began to revegetate the area. Those efforts continue to this day. Both the Town of Alta and Alta Ski Lifts conduct tree planting and revegetation programs.